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"THE CASE FOR ROADS" was a one-day seminar held on 8th March 2001 at the Waipuna Conference Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. It was addressed by twelve speakers eminently representing commerce & industry, academia, transport planning, resource management, and town planning. Two of these speakers were brought in from the United States of America, and a third from Australia.

The seminar first presented the commercial and economic considerations supporting urgent development of motorway and arterial road networks within the Greater Auckland (New Zealand) urbanised area. It then addressed in rebuttal the arguments so frequently raised in recent years against such development, including the proposed replacement of road by rail transport as part of an "integrated" urban design. It concluded with a panel session and general discussion.

The seminar did not repeat all the environmental considerations which some believe require preclusion of further road network development. Such environmental considerations have been presented many times in recent years by Council-sponsored seminars and speaker imports, and are repeated in planning documents. However, in the view of the seminar organiser and funders, any consideration which may have been given to the commercially and economically detrimental effects of constraining traffic and transport, has been proven to be inadequate by the congestion costs - and effects - now being suffered by commerce. This seminar was therefore presented to provide "the other side of the argument".

The seminar was attended by some 200 national and local government politicians, commercial and transport operators, members of the engineering and transport planning professions, town planners and resource managers. It was initiated by a group of concerned commercial and transport companies represented at a Christmas party, organised and managed by the Institute of Urban and Transport Studies, sponsored by a range of professional and commercial organisations, and funded by the initiators and their connections totalling some eighty commercial and transport companies.

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